General Information

Calista Luxury Resort is proud to be the first resort hotel in the World to have such a unique hotel project. This is proven not only with its ultra-modern and environmentally friendly design built on an area of 120,000m2, but also with the worlds first “A’la Carte” All Inclusive concept to its “A-Class” Clientelé.
Calista Luxury Resort is an Özkar İnşaat Project (

Calista Post-Project:
Calista Luxury Resort started to build in 2005 and was completed in 2007. This was to be the first Tourism based investment for Özkar İnşaat LTD. however, as are all of their Projects, Özkar made sure that they “completed construction using products only the highest of quality regardless of the cost”. Each material used to construct Calista Luxury Resort was of high quality to ensure a lengthier use life. Frank Solano, the Interior designer had organised a grand opening for the hotelas a fitting tribute to his valued friends, who had commissioned him to design this remarkable hotel interior. 
It was Frank the Artist, Sculptor, Hotel designer and ingenious motorist who had suggested to Calista that the best way they could celebrate the opening of this new resort, was to bring the finest automotive sculptures to the show, which was the grand finale for a fleet of 1920s & 30s Bentleys. 

Frank Solano, an international Award winning interior designer from London who up to date has taken on more than 280 of the worlds finest establishments to complete a unique interior design, was extremely happy when he heard about the Calista Project. He decided to put all of his projects that has brought to life up to now into Calista, to make it the most unique hotel in the world. He quotes: “The area where the project you work on awakens a soul inside the person. Calista is established in a geographically fascinating place. Where blue meets green, everything about these location is tranquil and therefore deserves nothing more than the best and those that are lucky enough to visit hear are equally lucky and that is one of the things that inspired me about this project, I wanted to add all of my works and put them together. Everything then fell into place”.

GMP (Gerkan, Marg & Partner) have offices all over the world and have signatures on some of the most fundamental and important constructions, Calista Luxury Resort being one of them. From 68,000 capacity stadiums in Cape Town and Durban SA to the “Hauptbahnhof” – Europes Largest train station in Berlin for long-distance, regional, and local transportation requirements, GMP are renowned for going in to fine detail and no exceptions were spared for the Calista Luxury Resort Project.

Unique “A’la Carte” all inclusive service concept
At Calista Luxury Resort, nothing is too big or small to handle. The service is based on 1 simple principle: our clientele come from a background of a high standard and are accustomed to having expectations exceeded. From elegant dining to fun-filled colourful nights with international award winning entertainment, there is something for everyone all the time. When we published the our concept projects, other establishments assumed it would be unsuccesful – little did they know that every hotel that opened after Calista in 2007 has taken our concept into consideration trying to excel however some have been able to meet the same level of service. With 6 A’la Carte restaurants, 2 snack restaurants and a main restaurant, our international award winning kitchen will have your palates dancing with joy with every mouthful.

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