Calimero Children Club

As entertainment and activity appeal to all age groups at Calista, it is also determined to provide your children with the best service by its professional staff. In children club benefited by all our children between 0-12 age group, children older than 4 years of age are awaited to our activities in the in company with our animators.

The children club, which includes game rooms, sleep room, children buffet (baby food, food and beverages prepared with organic products, and produced without use of any additives and colourants), theatre, bathroom/toilet, has a large garden and playground, too.

0-3 Age Calimero Babies

At the Calimero Babies Club, Calimero babies will benefit from the service of baby- sitting which is provided for looking after the children of our guests while their parents are enjoying some time alone. For the preparation of baby food ( using organic products only), a kitchen with the necessary equipment is available. It is compulsory that the parents stay with their babies during the time of the relevant activities at the Calimero Babies Club however, A professional baby-sitter can be arranged under the condition of placing your request in 1 day in advance, and with an additional fee.

4-7 years of age - Calimero Minies Group

Children in this age are starting to discover the different faces in our world. We shall make sure that they will spend a happy and fun time in joining our educational handcraft and pool games.

8-12 years of age - Calimero Maxies Group

Children in this age group would like to conquer the world: we will organize activities such as sports, swimming, handcraft, t-shirt painting etc., where they will have the chance to win various prizes.

13-17 years of age - Teens Group

Of course, we have not forgotten about our Teenagers: we will try and get our Teenage guests together on the occasion of various activities that we offer, again, led by our professional Calimero Kids Club staff, who will organize the meeting points in order for the teens enjoy themselves throughout the day.

Beach activities

Dart tournament and Horse Tour

Slackline and creative courses

Muppet making

Banana tour and tournaments

Vacation memories, dance and yoga courses

Football and various medal games every day

Calista Train

Mini Disco

Evening and daytime shows

General activity (cookie making, picnic, treasure hunt, etc. )

100% organic buffet

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