Holidays With Kids

Valuable Parents,
Calista Luxury Resort makes ready all the products and services you need in order for families with children can rest better during their holidays, for their babies to get comfortable, and to prevent them from carrying luggage full of materials while going on a vacation.

Free Products
  • Rapid Steam Sterilizer (feeding bottle boiler - in mini club)
  • Microwave (in mini club)
  • Kettle
  • Blender (in mini club)
  • Oven (in mini club)
  • Fruit Press (in mini club)
  • Netted plastic bathtub (when demanded)
  • Potty (when demanded)
  • Baby bed (normal type) (when demanded)
  • Feeding Chair - Free (in all restaurants)
  • Auto chair (when demanded)
Extra-Priced Products
  • Diaper - "market prices are used"
  • Convenience baby food - "market prices are used"
  • Blender - "2 Euros per day"
  • Rapid Steam Sterilizer - "2 Euros per day"
  • Feeding bottle Heater - "2 Euros per day"
  • Feeding Chair - "2 Euros per day"
  • IP Cameras (if your mobile phone has 3G or WIFI features) (in project phase) "5 Euros per day"
  • Baby carriage - "5 Euros per day"
  • Babysitter - "20 Euros per hour"