Calista Luxury Resort will started the 2012 Tennis season with 1 Hard Surface and 4 new Clay Courts.  We preferred to use the BASF / Conica – TENNIS FORCE excellent surface system to provide you with the best conditions for a great game feeling. This product has been known since 2009, particularly thanks to Porsche Grand / Germany (Premier Event TWA) organized in Stuttgart. 


  • Clay courts do not get softened when it's rainy or cold, because special BASF bonding substance is applied to the lower surface of the pitch.
  • You'll encounter no post-rain water accumulation thanks to the perfect permeability of the lower layer. It can be played as soon as the rain stops.
  • It guarantees the equal amount of ball bouncing during the match, thanks to its technology prevent foot holes.  You can enjoy the clay court even in offseason.
  • Almost no irrigation is required thanks to a special coating named "Hydroslide". Thus, groups with intense training programs are able to save time and energy.
  • Its playability is the same as the Clay court. International Tennis Federation (ITF) officially registered the TENNIS FORCE as Clay Court Category 1 since 2009.

Experience a flawless tennis holiday;
All courts are illuminated, located by the seaside and have sea-view. Bar and Pro Shop are right next to the courts. And finally, our Tennis Academy Team gladly answers all of your demands and requests.